Companies, governments assess damage from latest…

The data-scrambling software epidemic that paralyzed computers across Ukraine has been contained and the situation is now fully under control, officials there say

The Latest: Cyberattackers made only $10,000

Whoever is behind the global cyberattack centered on Ukraine, they've made $10,000

NASA says no alien announcement coming

Despite rumors, a NASA administrator says the agency has no plans to announce anything about extraterrestrial life.

Cybersecurity analyst on concerns raised by…

Alex Hamerstone comments on hacked government websites in Ohio and Maryland displaying pro-ISIS propaganda

Smart Ring 'Token' Wants To Do It All — But Can…

"Token" has the ability to replace your credit cards, keys and passwords.

US demands more security on international flights…

Homeland Security to airlines: Step up security on international flights to US or risk electronics ban in passenger cabins

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Blame game in Portugal over wildfire that killed…

Portugal's prime minister has appeared to lose his patience with journalists' questions as accusations flew about who or which agency might be to blame for the deaths of 64 people in a wildfire

Disney: Animatronic Trump will speak at Disney…

Disney has confirmed that an animatronic version of President Donald Trump will have a speaking role at its Hall of Presidents attraction at Walt Disney World in Florida

It's real: Vivo phone scans fingerprints under…

Sorry, Apple. Qualcomm and Vivo are the first to show off under-screen fingerprint tech.

Chinese drone: Why China's new aircraft should…

China unveiled a new drone at the Paris Air Show that looks very similar to the U.S. Reaper. Defense Specialist Allison Barrie explains why the United States should be concerned

A Global Cyberattack Hit Over 2000 Computer…

Since starting in Europe, the cyberattack has spread to over 2000 computer systems internationally.

Experts encourage more public awareness of…

International elections experts are warning that the United States will get hit again by Russian cyberattacks if the country doesn't pay closer attention and work more closely with European allies who are also victims

Correction: Google-Europe story

Correction: Google-Europe story

Number of people using Facebook reaches 2 billion

Facebook says it now has more than 2 billion users and CEO Mark Zuckerberg says he's proud his company is helping connect people around the world.

Google's massive fine, cyberattack hits Europe

Today's major headlines include Google's massive fine from the EU, a new ransomware attack is hitting Europe and the infamous Galaxy Note 7 might be back on July 7.

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Taking on Uber's ousted CEO

Tech journalist targeted for her criticism

Trump attacks Washington Post, Amazon over 'internet taxes'

President Donald Trump attacked The Washington Post and Amazon on Twitter Wednesday, arguing that the online retailer was not paying "internet taxes."

Facebook now deleting 66K posts a week in…

Facebook says it deleted about 600,000 posts in the last two months as the social media giant seeks to crack down on what it considers to be hateful posts

Pandora CEO Tim Westergren departs

Pandora, under intensifying pressure from Spotify and Apple Music, says that CEO Tim Westergren has stepped down.

Try out the iOS 11 public beta right now

Can't wait until this fall to update your iPhone or iPad? Here's how you can get iOS 11 today.

Fighting online trolls with baked goods

Troll Cakes confront online hate

Russia scraps plans to ban Telegram messaging app

Russia has ditched plans to ban the Telegram messaging app after its owner agreed to register the company in the country

Engineers use replica to pinpoint California dam…

Utah hydraulic engineers built a replica of a damaged section of the tallest U.S. dam and are using it to guide California authorities on how they should construct a new spillway to withstand rushing waters

SpaceX launches 10 satellites from California air…

A SpaceX rocket has carried 10 communications satellites into orbit from California

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'Homecoming' director feels Spider-man's great…

With great power over the latest Marvel movie comes great responsibility for up-and-coming director Jon Watts.

App allows tech workers to anonymously speak out

Employees share their experiences of workplace bullying and victimization

Florida bitcoin processing boss gets 5 1/2 years in prison

A Florida man has been sentenced to 5 1/2 years in prison by a New York judge who says he used a "pyramid of lies" to boost a business that helped criminals process illegal bitcoin transactions