Seeking Swiss safety, Catalan activist snubs Spanish probe

A leading Catalan politician is vowing to carry on advocating for Catalan independence from her current base in Switzerland where she is evading a Spanish judicial probe for her role in last year's illegal secession attempt.

What Trump thinks about his predecessors

President Trump talks about former presidents a lot. Sometimes he compliments them. Sometimes he uses their legacy to make a point.

In A Surprise Move, President Trump Endorses Mitt…

They've openly — and frequently — criticized each other.

Pennsylvania's New Congressional Map Isn't Going…

Pennsylvania's Supreme Court just gave the state redrawn congressional districts, but most Republicans aren't on board.

300 arrested after Sufis clash with Iran police, killing 5

Iranian media: Clashes with Sufi followers in Tehran killed 2 paramilitaries, 3 policemen

Trump offers support for background checks on gun…

President Donald Trump is offering support for a limited strengthening of federal background checks on gun purchases while staying largely mum in the last few days about the victims of the Florida school massacre

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Panelist: Why doesn't Trump just shut up?

Political commentators Tara Setmayer and Jason Miller clash over President Donald Trump's Twitter rants in the days following a deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Survey Ranks US Presidents On 'Overall Greatness'

Political scientists ranked all U.S. presidents from "failure" to "great."

Mueller Reportedly Looking Into Kushner's…

Special counsel Robert Mueller has reportedly been asking about Jared Kushner's Chinese and Qatari investors.

Donald Trump Jr. arrives in India to help sell…

The eldest son of President Donald Trump has arrived in India to help sell luxury apartments and lavish attention on Indians who have bought units in Trump-branded developments

Police name Netanyahu associates in Israeli…

Israeli police name 2 Netanyahu associates arrested for their suspected role in wide-ranging corruption probe

The strange history of Romney and Trump

A look back at the many ups and downs of Mitt Romney and Donald Trump's relationship.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Redraws Congressional…

The state's Supreme Court ruled its old map was unconstitutionally drawn.

Pentagon Will Reportedly Issue Transgender Troop…

After months of legal fights, the Pentagon is reportedly almost ready to issue its new policy on transgender troops.

Students head to Florida capital to press for gun…

A hundred Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students to head by bus to Florida's capital to urge lawmakers to act to prevent a repeat of massacre that claimed 17 lives

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Trump: Romney Will Be a 'Great Senator'

Mitt Romney and President Trump have traded their share of insults in the past but they appear ready to let bygones be bygones: Trump endorsed Romney's Senate run Monday night, tweeting that the 2012 Republican nominee "will make a great Senator and worthy successor" to Sen. Orrin Hatch and has...

Survivor: I'm terrified to return to school

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Alex Wind said he is terrified to return to school in the wake of a mass shooting that left 17 people dead.

We Spoke With High Schoolers About Gun Control…

They led a "lie-in" protest in front of the White House on Presidents Day.

What The Senate Gun Background Check Bill Would Do

The bill is a bipartisan effort.

Complaint filed against Idaho senator who yelled…

An ethics complaint has been filed against an Idaho state senator after a tweet from an account purported to be the Republican lawmaker's directed students to discuss "killing babies" with a Democratic colleague

California weighs permanent restrictions for…

State water officials are considering whether to adopt a range of permanent restrictions against wasting water as nearly half of California again in drought

Florida student: This is about us, not Trump

A group of teens and more than a hundred supporters staged a "lie-in" outside the White House on Presidents Day to pressure lawmakers to pass tougher gun laws.

President Trump's MAGA Hats Are A Bigger Deal…

Proceeds from official hat sales fund Trump's re-election campaign and the RNC.

Trump Criticizes Oprah For Being 'Biased And…

On Twitter, President Donald Trump called Oprah Winfrey "very insecure" after her appearance on "60 Minutes."

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Ex-workers at Russian 'troll factory' trust US indictment

While Russian officials scoff at a U.S. indictment charging 13 Russians with meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, several people who worked at the same St. Petersburg "troll factory" think the criminal charges are well-founded

Trump endorses Romney's Senate bid _ and Romney…

President Donald Trump and Mitt Romney have been at odds off and on, but they now see eye to eye on Romney's bid for a Senate seat from Utah

Cooper: Trump is all about himself

CNN's Anderson Cooper says President Trump's tweets reveal his priorities.