Trump steps up security aide search, focuses on…

President Donald Trump is stepping up his search for a national security adviser and focusing on health care in talks with his health and budget chiefs

Trump's Sweden remark raises questions

During a campaign-style rally in Melbourne, Florida, President Donald Trump defended his travel ban and referenced an incident in Sweden that did not happen.

Trump Surprised A 'Yuge' Fan At His Florida Rally

Donald Trump invited a super fan on stage at his Florida rally — much to the surprise of the Secret Service and the fan himself.

Trump's New EPA Head Is In The Middle Of An Email…

Scott Pruitt, Trump's pick to run the Environmental Protection Agency, was ordered to release his emails with fossil fuel companies.

US vice president visits former Nazi…

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence toured the site of a former Nazi concentration camp

Swedes scratch heads at Trump's suggestion of…

Swedes have been scratching their heads over President Donald Trump's remark that suggested a major incident had happened in the Scandinavian country

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Jones: Obama Made 'Colossal Mistake' on Syria

Jim Sciutto asks Ret. Gen. Jim Jones about the ongoing situation in Syria amidst reports the Pentagon is considering deploying conventional ground forces

One Of These People Could Be Trump's New National…

One of them — retired Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg — is serving as acting national security adviser.

A 'Congressional Cannabis Caucus' Forms To…

Four congressmen from both sides of the aisle are teaming up in support of marijuana reform.

The Latest: Congressional Black Caucus to meet with Trump

The Congressional Black Caucus says it will meet with President Donald Trump after all

Pence says US to hold Russia accountable, stand…

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence has tried to calm jittery partners by says the Trump administration will "hold Russia accountable" and maintain steadfast support for NATO

Menendez: Trump policy is 'mass deportation'

Sen. Bob Menendez addresses President Trump's vow to repeal to repeal DACA in an interview with Jim Sciutto on State of the Union

The Trump Family Is Already Costing Taxpayers…

A month into the presidency, the Trump family's travel has likely already cost taxpayers over $10 million.

Report: National Guard Considered For Trump's…

The Associated Press says a draft memo called for as many as 100,000 National Guard troops to help with immigration enforcement.

Thousands protest in Georgia to back opposition TV station

Thousands of Georgians have rallied in the capital in support of the country's opposition-minded television station that they suspect is about to be transferred to a more government-friendly owner

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London mayor: 'Cruel' Trump should be denied…

London's mayor says that President Donald Trump should not receive a state visit in Britain because of his "cruel" policies on immigration

Dem Invokes 25th Amendment against Trump

Our panel: Rick Santorum, Nina Turner, Amanda Carpenter and Jason Kander join Jim Sciutto to discuss some Democrats invoking the 25th Amendment

In Presidential Rankings, Barack Obama Is Near…

The C-SPAN survey ranks presidents on leadership qualities, including public persuasion and crisis leadership.

The Senate Just Confirmed Scott Pruitt As The…

Senators voted 52-46 Friday to confirm Pruitt's nomination.

Senior Trump appointee fired after critical comments

A senior Trump administration official was fired following a private speech in which he criticized President Donald Trump's policies and the tight ship run by his inner circle

US slams Russia's move to recognize Ukraine rebel…

The United States says it is disturbed by Russia's decision to recognize passports and other documents issued by rebel authorities in eastern Ukraine

Trump: 'Life Is a Campaign'

Our panel: Rick Santorum, Nina Turner, Amanda Carpenter and Jason Kander join Jim Sciutto to discuss President Trump's rally last night in Florida

AP FACT CHECK: The audacity of hype

It was a week of problematic statements from President Donald Trump _perhaps none more striking than his contention that his new administration, beset by stumbles, is running like a "fine-tuned machine."

Graham: Trump must punish Russia for election…

A senior Republican senator says U.S. President Donald Trump needs to take action against Russia over allegations that Moscow interfered in the election that brought him to power

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Full Interview: Sen. Bob Menendez

Senator Bob Menendez (D) New Jersey joins Jim Sciutto for an exclusive interview on State of the Union

As Trump makes foreign moves, Tillerson avoids the spotlight

In his first weeks as America's top diplomat, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has gone to great lengths to avoid attracting attention

McCain says a free press is essential to a…

Sen. John McCain says that a free press is vital "to preserve democracy as we know it."